Robert & Donna Smith, Arlington, TX

I never knew what one had to do or go through in order to sell and buy a home. I talked to a dozen different realtors and was unclear of the process and, had lost faith in ever being able to sell my home.

Then, I spoke with Nyda. We talked about an hour on the phone and, I asked her to come over and speak with us. She explained everything, and answered all my questions. She knows her job. Nyda was very accommodating and on top of things, she found a buyer for my home, and at the price I needed to sell it, the first day it was on the market. Not only that, she took me to look at homes to buy in another city. She did find our new home. And who knew all the things one should look for when wanting to purchase a home? Well, Nyda knew. She pointed things out to me that I never thought to think of. She worked day and night to make this happen for me and my family.

We are very happy in our new home. Nyda Faith gave me faith that I had lost with other realtors. If you need someone that will work with you, teach you, and knows all the steps to take when selling or buying a home, go to Nyda Faith. She knows what she is doing and cares what you want. She is one that goes that extra mile to make your dreams come true. I highly recommend her.